Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We Love the Library

I remember going to the library when I was little. I even remember the Children's librarian and her voice reading books to us during story time. Sometimes we would watch movies on a video projector where the film ran from one reel to the other. And of course we always took home lots of books.

As an adult I have always loved the library too. I mostly check out Christian fiction, and sometimes venture into other genres. I have also checked out a lot of movies and tv shows.

And now that I am a mom of 3, I still love the library. I still check out my Christian fiction, but now I also books on parenting and homeschooling. I also check out kids books like Llama Llama Red Pajama or Pinkalicious! And kids shows like Elmo and Curious George. You know, the ones that don't drive me crazy.

Besides checking things out, we also attend story and play times at the library. Our library has toddler story time on Monday and toddler play time on Thursday. My kids love both! Story time includes reading books, singing songs, and other interactive stories. Play time there are a whole bunch of toys to play with, and then singing songs together the last few minutes. We also attend play time on Wednesdays at another nearby library sometimes. We are lucky to live within driving distance of several libraries so whatever day of the week we want to go we can often find something.

All this to say, we are thankful for our public libraries! We have access to so much for free!

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