Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great Easter this year, all together with my parents, Paul's parents, and my sister and her family. Here are some pictures from our day.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

We're Famous!

There's a new Facebook group for moms called "All Mom Does" that is done by our local Christian radio station Spirit 105.3. Two of my friends from church are involved in keeping the group running. One thing they do, is ask moms to send in fun pictures of their kids and then they post one each day with a funny comment on it. I have sent in two pictures in the last few weeks and here are the comments they added and posted on their page.


This last week the kids were all sick, AGAIN. After watching some YouTube videos, I was pretty sure Alyssa had croup, so I took her to the doctor to get some medicine for it and make sure she was getting enough oxygen. After figuring out that she had croup, I remembered that she had these same symptoms last year. We didn't take her to the doctor for it last year though. Thankfully it was not so bad that we had to take her to the hospital, as many of my friends have had to do with their kids. And now we know what it is.

Joel's Hair Cut

I had already trimmed Joel's bangs twice, and finally decided he needed a real hair cut. I was really scared to do it myself. I used the clippers around the back, and the scissors for the top. He hated it. But he looks pretty good now, I think. After the cut, he went out on the balcony for a photo shoot.




Here's another craft Kaitlyn and I did together....a paper bag elephant!

We had some nice weather and got to play at the park two days in a row!

And then we got to play outside at my parents house!

Kaitlyn and I made poppyseed muffins together. She loved helping. And loved eating them too!

Sisters - hugging or wrestling or both?

Kaitlyn loves to have so many books in her bed there is hardly room for her!

And, this picture may have to go on my list of all time favorites.......

My three kids!

Finishing February

Here's two more pictures from February. Kaitlyn started a new craft activity of stamping! She loves her letters, so these stamps are perfect. 

Also, we got some new family pets! Kaitlyn loves to watch our new fish!