Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Not Very Crafty, But...

Yeah, I'm not a real Arts & Craftsy type of person, but here is something new that is hanging on our wall:

I painted these letters and hung them up with ribbon. I think it is fun to look at!

And here is the sewing project I recently finished:

It still has room to add a birth date and weight under the name. We'll see how long it takes me to add that info after she is born.

Oh, and you noticed the name?

3rd Trimester!

Yikes! I just started my 3rd Trimester. Time is going quickly. Several people have been asking to see what I look like these days, so here you go. How much bigger am I going to get?

6 Months

And, here's a picture from the day we found out we are having a girl, 6 weeks ago:

Head on Right, Body on Left

But this is my favorite one:

Baby Bottom on Right, Legs crossed on Left

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


99 Days until my due date!

Time is ticking by. In some ways I can't wait to be done being pregnant, as it has been a painful process. In other ways I think I will miss being pregnant, especially feeling her move around inside me.

Yesterday instead of working in the nursery during MOPS, I was invited to attend the meeting with the other moms. They wanted me to see what their group is like, and they are hoping I will join them next year. They seem like a great group of moms and I am hoping to join them in the fall, though it's hard to imagine what my life with a newborn will truly be like!

Paul and I have started attending Baby Classes. We have been to the first two meetings and have learned about taking care of infants and breastfeeding.

I'm trying to finish up some craft projects I've been working on. They should all be done in the next few days, so there should be pictures coming soon!