Saturday, January 26, 2013

More of the kids

Sleepy Joel with his thumb in his mouth

Alyssa staring at her hand. Figure out how that works sweetie!

Dress alike day

Me & Alyssa

Me and my Joel

This is the chair where I spend most of my day, usually with 1-2 kids in my lap

Kaitlyn saw dinosaurs on Joel's clothes so she found her dinosaur.
She danced him around and said "Roar." Joel smiled at her.

 Kaitlyn found another new game to play with Joel -
putting his pacifier in and out.
She thought it was hilarious how he would suck on it.
They played this game for quite awhile and it was so fun to see them playing together.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

6 Months

Joel & Alyssa turned 6 months old this week! In the last two weeks they have started doing a lot of new things.

They have started rolling over! Kaitlyn thinks it is pretty funny when they do. Yesterday Joel even rolled across the room! Here is a picture of the blanket that I put him down on, and this is what happened.

Alyssa has started laughing. She loves to smile, and now she laughs at me too!

Both have started trying to use their hands. I've seen Alyssa staring at her hands. She has also started grabbing her feet.

I stopped swaddling them, and started sleeping them in the crib. It is so cute how they always move closer together. Joel usually rolls onto his tummy to sleep now.


I love watching Joel & Alyssa watch Kaitlyn as she runs across the room. They smile at her a lot too. I can't wait until they start laughing at the things she does, and Kaitlyn figures out how to make them laugh!

Cute Babies

Here are some cute pics, just because.
Playing with toys
Alyssa trying the doorway jumper for the first time
Joel trying the exersaucer
First picture with both smiling


While I was pregnant with the twins I took a class about having multiples. Since we have all had our babies now, we decided to get togther. Joel, Alyssa and I went and met 4 other sets of twins. 10 babies all together was a lot of babies! It was fun getting to know them and talking with other parents who have twins.


We had a great Christmas!

Kaitlyn's favorite thing in her stocking was......a package of Cheeze-its!
She also loves her new laptop. 
We had a great day at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Everybody was tired when it was time to go home.
Kaitlyn also got this poster for Christmas,
which we hung up a few days later.
Here she is right after we put it up
showing how well she already knew her ABC's.