Friday, January 20, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Potty

Kaitlyn got a new potty chair! No, we're not potty training yet, just playing with it for now. Kaitlyn had fun learning what to do with it.

Checking out the insides

Standing up

Sitting, with one foot still inside the potty :)

And finally sitting the "right" way.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This week we have been getting a LOT of snow. Today we finally ventured outside to let Kaitlyn play with it. Last year she saw some snow, but was too little to know what was going on. Today she got to walk in it, touch it, and fall down in it.

Here is the video of her first few moments in the snow. She liked it!

Happily walking in the snow.

Smiling down at the snow.

I don't know what it is, but I like it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cloth Diapers : First 24 hours

Our first set of cloth diapers arrived this weekend and we have now made it through our first 24 hours of cloth diapering! So far it has been really easy.

After washing our new diapers, Kaitlyn tried out her first one for a few hours last night. Here she is in her yellow diaper cover.

After a few hours in her diaper, I was happy to see no leaks! But could it hold her all night? The last few weeks Kaitlyn has really been wet in the mornings, so I was pretty skeptical. Getting ready for bed, I took out the used insert and threw it in our new wet bag and I put two new inserts into the same yellow cover. I also put an extra mattress cover down on the bed just in case. This morning I was pleased to find dry pj's! No leaks! Stuffing two inserts at night had done the trick.

This morning Kaitlyn made a big mess in her diaper, so then it was time to try her green diaper cover. I got to try out the new process of dumping contents into the toilet. In her clean diaper, Kaitlyn showed that she is still flexible, and her new fluff will not slow her down.

Then we were off to the library, our first trip out of the house leaving disposables behind. No problem!

The new diapers are pretty neat. The covers have adjustable snaps to fit babies from 8-35 pounds, and come in lots of cute colors. The inserts seem to be really soft and able to absorb a lot. I had thought I would have to change cloth diapers a lot more often, but so far today I have changed them the same number of times that I did disposable.

This evening I washed my first load of dirty diapers. When they came out of the wash I was happy to see that I couldn't tell which of them had gone in quite a bit more messy than the others. Another win!

This week I have also been trying out using cloth wipes. I made a solution for them using water, baby wash, baby oil, and baby lotion. They are working quite well, and also came out of the wash looking white and clean.

Everything went well today, and all the things I was worried about were not a problem at all. The first 24 hours went much better than I expected!

Library Time

In the last week Kaitlyn and I have tried out two of the toddler classes at our local library.

On Thursday we went to the Toddler Play Group. We invited some new friends to go with us, a mom and her son who is one day older than Kaitlyn. There were lots of fun toys set out and lots of cute kids to watch. Kaitlyn was happy with both! The last 15 minutes we sang a few songs, but most of the time was free to play.

This morning we went to the Toddler Story Time. The first half hour the teacher read books and led us in singing some songs. Kaitlyn paid attention very well! She did run up to the teacher a few times and I had to grab her and sit her down again, but she was very interested in all the books and songs. The second half hour was time for free play, but the toys were not as fun as they were at the play group, so we got a little bored.

For free classes, these were pretty good! I haven't decided how often we will go yet, but I think Kaitlyn will enjoy them, and they will help her learn a few things. And the main thing is to just get us out of the house :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Years Resolution

It is January 1, 2012 and I have decided it is time to try something new. Today I ordered a few of these....

I have been thinking about cloth diapering since before Kaitlyn was born and have often read about them on the Cotton Babies Website. I have always known it would save a lot of money and of course be good for the environment. But I was fearful of how much extra time it would take, and how much mess I would have to deal with. I figured learning to take care of a newborn would be a lot of work and wasn't sure if I could handle dealing with cloth diapers on top of that. But I've never stopped thinking about trying it at some point.

Finally today I decided to go for it and placed an order. My friend Melissa wrote an excellent post about cloth diapers yesterday and it helped convince me. I won't have enough to go cloth full-time yet, but enough to get us started and see how it goes. If it goes well I can order some more and go full-time. Or maybe I'll be happy doing some of each. Or maybe I'll hate it. Hopefully it won't be option #3.

After doing some math I figure if I use what I ordered today for 3 months they will have paid for themselves, since I will be saving money on disposables. So I am committed to using them for at least that long. But hopefully they will work well for us, and when Kaitlyn is done using them she can pass them down to a little brother or sister and then we can really save some money by cloth diapering our next baby with what we already have!

So here we go on a new journey. I'm still kinda nervous, but kinda excited too. Now I just have to wait for them to arrive. Stay tuned to hear how it goes.

Happy New Year!