Monday, January 9, 2012

Library Time

In the last week Kaitlyn and I have tried out two of the toddler classes at our local library.

On Thursday we went to the Toddler Play Group. We invited some new friends to go with us, a mom and her son who is one day older than Kaitlyn. There were lots of fun toys set out and lots of cute kids to watch. Kaitlyn was happy with both! The last 15 minutes we sang a few songs, but most of the time was free to play.

This morning we went to the Toddler Story Time. The first half hour the teacher read books and led us in singing some songs. Kaitlyn paid attention very well! She did run up to the teacher a few times and I had to grab her and sit her down again, but she was very interested in all the books and songs. The second half hour was time for free play, but the toys were not as fun as they were at the play group, so we got a little bored.

For free classes, these were pretty good! I haven't decided how often we will go yet, but I think Kaitlyn will enjoy them, and they will help her learn a few things. And the main thing is to just get us out of the house :)

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