Thursday, February 28, 2013


For my birthday today we didn't have cake. We had SQUASH!  
Joel was up first, ready for his first try at eating food.
Here he is ready to go!
We started out slowly, but soon he was grabbing onto the spoon!

And here's a video of a few bites.

Later Kaitlyn had some squash (sorry no pictures),
and then it was time for Alyssa's first food!
She looked happy and ready to go.
She did a better job opening her mouth than Joel did.

And she made a lot more faces!

Here's a video of some of her faces.
They didn't eat very much.
They spit out a lot.
But it was a good first experience.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

7 Months

Joel and Alyssa hit the 7 month mark last week. 

It's fun to see them beginning to interact with each other.

They enjoy seeing their grandparents.
They are starting to enjoy looking at toys too.

This morning Kaitlyn and Joel played a game together....
Kaitlyn inserts pacifier, Joel spits it out, Kaitlyn laughs, repeat.

Also this morning, Alyssa was sitting in the high chair
and Kaitlyn decided she needed a new frog hat.
A few hours later Joel was taking a turn in the high chair
and Kaitlyn got him too :)
We all 5 have been sick over the last two weeks.
The last 3 nights Alyssa has decided it is fun
to be awake from 2:30-5:30am.
I am not too pleased with this new schedule.
I sure do love these smiles though.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maybe she does love them?

Coming home from taking the babies to the doctor yesterday I was tired. I have been sick, and of course not getting enough sleep. After carrying two heavy babies in their carseats in and out of the doctor's office, I really did not want to carry them both up the flight of stairs to our apartment. I decided to set Alyssa down at the bottom of the stairs, so I could run Joel up to to the top of the stairs and then be back in a flash to carry up Alyssa. I started quickly up the stairs with Joel, and I heard Kaitlyn let out a scream behind me. She sat down on the ground next to Alyssa and cried. She screamed at me, "Uh-duh-duh, Uh-duh-duh" (Alyssa). The poor girl was freaking out that I had left Alyssa behind. Of course, I was back to get her in about 7 seconds, Kaitlyn calmed down after saving the day, and we all made it safely into the apartment.

This scenario has happened once before several months ago. That time it occured when I was carrying a lot of groceries, including two gallons of milk. I set one gallon of milk down at the bottom of the steps, thinking I could carry everything else up and come back for the milk. Kaitlyn freaked out, thinking I was abandoning her precious milk. That time she talked me into carrying everything up together.

I guess if Kaitlyn cares about the babies as much as she cares about milk, we are doing pretty well!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Pics




Kaitlyn's PJ's

Last night I put Kaitlyn in footie pajama's. Her drawer was nearly empty since I haven't put clean clothes away in too long. So I decided to pull them out of the bottom of the drawer. She hasn't worn footie pj's in over a year, so she doesn't remember them. She was very confused as I was putting them on her, but I kept showing her the cute dogs on them to keep her interested. Once she was all zipped up, she took awhile to inspect her feet. She tried pulling the feet off like socks, but that didn't work. I was expecting her to ask me to take the whole thing off within the first few minutes, but I was shocked that she kept it on all night.