Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Swim!

Today I decided it was time for Kaitlyn's first swim adventure. So I put her in a swim diaper and her swimming suit. I was a little worried that the suit would already be too small, but hooray it fits!

Then we walked to the swimming pool of our apartment complex. Kaitlyn LOVES to ride on Daddy's shoulders. She always has big smiles and giggles.

There is a tiny baby pool next to the regular size pool, and I took Kaitlyn in. And.....she started crying. I tried to play with her a bit, and she kept crying. So we got out and sat next to the pool for a few minutes. There were two kids in the big pool and she watched them play for a few minutes. Then she started looking carefully at the baby pool. I started splashing the water with my hand and she started giggling. Soon she was back in the water and happy. She sat on the step in the water. She stood up holding onto my hands. She splashed with her hands. And she jumped up and down. It was a success!

It was sure fun to watch her splash herself in the face and jump around. I hope we will be going to the little pool a few more times this summer. We at least have to use up our small package of swim diapers!