Friday, May 11, 2012


We found out we are expecting a BOY and a GIRL. Paul is happy to have at least one boy, and I am happy that the girls will still outnumber the boys in the family. We also get to reuse the boxes of girl clothes that we have in the closet, and get new boy clothes too! It is also nice to know the babies are fraternal, and we won't have to worry about mixing them up the first few weeks after they are born. I'm also thinking that it will be easier for people to see them as individuals and not just "the twins" since they have different genders.

I also met with a perinatologist (doctor for high risk pregnancy) and talked about my history of high blood pressure and pre-ecclampsia during pregnancy. Having multiples definitely increase my chances of having them again since there is so much more strain on my body. I started a very low dose of medication to lower my blood pressure and a low dose of asprin to lower my chances of pre-ecclampsia. Hopefully keeping my blood pressure under control will also lower my chances of pre-ecclampsia. I also got a blood pressure monitor so I can check my bp at home every day. Pregnancy sure brings a lot of fun things to do.

The last two weeks or so I have really started to feel a lot of pain. Moving hurts....standing up, walking, rolling over in bed....everything I do hurts. I can hardly imagine how I will feel in a few more months.

But the good news is that I am feeling the babies move more! It is so fun to feel them moving and think about how there really are little people in there. They are two of God's many miracles!