Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The First Trimester

We found out in January that we are expecting! We were very excited, yet anxious about what having two kids would be like.

The early months of pregnancy went fairly smoothly, with the expected morning (all-day) sickness and tiredness. Being sick and tired with a toddler to take care of is much different than it was when I was pregnant the first time. I definitely haven't been able to sleep and lay on the couch as much as I would like.

It was fun to announce the news of the pregnancy to our family and friends. I felt pretty comfortable with everything happening since I have been pregnant and given birth before. My first doctor appointment went well, and I saw the same doctor who delivered Kaitlyn. When I explained to my doctor why I thought my due date might be up to a week off, she suggested I get an ultrasound to measure the baby and confirm my due date.

The next week I went in for what I thought would be a quick ultrasound to measure the baby. I had Kaitlyn with me, and lots of snacks to try to keep her busy. The ultrasound started, and the tech was looking around and not saying anything for what seemed like quite awhile. Finally she said, "I am seeing two babies."

The "quick" ultrasound then turned into a very long ultrasound since there were now 2 babies to measure and lots more to look at. Kaitlyn got very upset that I could not pick her up and cried through most of the ultrasound, but that at least gave me a way to divert my attention from the shock of the news I was trying to take in.

The ultrasound tech confirmed that everything looked good. Both babies had healthy heartbeats, measured right at 12 weeks, and each had their own sac and placenta. After the ultrasound the tech caught my doctor in the hallway to tell her the news. And then if I wasn't feeling emotional enough, my doctor told me that she does not see patients with twins, and that none of the four doctors in the practice do.

While my doctor was then looking around for some referrals for other doctors, I couldn't hold it in any longer and started to cry. What else can a pregnant emotional woman do? Seeing me cry, my doctor hugged me. That was kind of awkward. She gave me some referrals and finally we could leave.

It has been one week since that day, and what a ride it has been. Family and friends have been quite shocked to hear the news, and quick to say that they will be here to help all along the way. But no one is more shocked than me. I am slowly starting to calm down and accept this new reality, but it is still a lot to process.

Paul had a dream several weeks ago that we were having sextuplets. So some of his first comments to me were, "I guess my dream was partially right. Are they sure there are only 2?" and "I guess we don't have to decide whether we want 2 or 3 kids now."

There are still a lot of things that I am worried about. My pregnancy with Kaitlyn was quite difficult and painful, and I can only assume that this pregnancy will not be easy. I can't even imagine how big I am going to get. I'm worried about how I will take care of Kaitlyn if I need to go on bed rest for several weeks. I'm worried about having a c-section, since my chances are much greater with 2 babies. I'm worried about breastfeeding 2. I worry about how Kaitlyn will adjust to not being the center of attention. I'm worried I will never sleep again. I'm sure I could go on and on.

One thing I am trying not to worry about is all the extra stuff we will need...car seats, swings, dressers, clothes, a double stroller, a larger vehicle. Yesterday at MOPS I was so excited to get both a baby swing and an exersaucer free from another mom. I felt like this gift was God saying to me that He is going to provide for us, and that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10) and the baby swings in a thousand garages.

This last week I have been busy. I made an appointment with a new doctor. I signed up for classes about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting multiples. And I attended a nearby meeting of a mothers of multiples group. I thought I knew what I was doing, but now I have so much to learn. Everything about pregnancy, birth, and having newborns is so much different when you have two instead of one. I figure I gotta get busy while I can, since the last few months of my pregnancy I may not be able to do too much.

I have now hit the 13 week, or 3 month mark, which is the end of the first trimester. I already feel like I am getting so big and am getting uncomfortable. My back has really been hurting this last week. Eating for 3 is really not as fun as it sounds. I need to eat a LOT of food everyday, and I just get sick of it.

But despite all that, it is pretty crazy that 2 little babies are growing inside me. God has chosen to give these babies to us right now. Are they boys or girls? What will they be like? With all the things I worry about, I can't wait to meet them.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few Things Kaitlyn

Here is a video of what happens when we vacuum. Kaitlyn dances and spins around and chases after the vacuum and then....

Kaitlyn found it hilarious when I put her crayons in her pocket!

And I tried a ponytail with Kaitlyn today. She hated me putting it in, but hasn't taken it out yet.