Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maybe she does love them?

Coming home from taking the babies to the doctor yesterday I was tired. I have been sick, and of course not getting enough sleep. After carrying two heavy babies in their carseats in and out of the doctor's office, I really did not want to carry them both up the flight of stairs to our apartment. I decided to set Alyssa down at the bottom of the stairs, so I could run Joel up to to the top of the stairs and then be back in a flash to carry up Alyssa. I started quickly up the stairs with Joel, and I heard Kaitlyn let out a scream behind me. She sat down on the ground next to Alyssa and cried. She screamed at me, "Uh-duh-duh, Uh-duh-duh" (Alyssa). The poor girl was freaking out that I had left Alyssa behind. Of course, I was back to get her in about 7 seconds, Kaitlyn calmed down after saving the day, and we all made it safely into the apartment.

This scenario has happened once before several months ago. That time it occured when I was carrying a lot of groceries, including two gallons of milk. I set one gallon of milk down at the bottom of the steps, thinking I could carry everything else up and come back for the milk. Kaitlyn freaked out, thinking I was abandoning her precious milk. That time she talked me into carrying everything up together.

I guess if Kaitlyn cares about the babies as much as she cares about milk, we are doing pretty well!

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