Sunday, January 20, 2013

6 Months

Joel & Alyssa turned 6 months old this week! In the last two weeks they have started doing a lot of new things.

They have started rolling over! Kaitlyn thinks it is pretty funny when they do. Yesterday Joel even rolled across the room! Here is a picture of the blanket that I put him down on, and this is what happened.

Alyssa has started laughing. She loves to smile, and now she laughs at me too!

Both have started trying to use their hands. I've seen Alyssa staring at her hands. She has also started grabbing her feet.

I stopped swaddling them, and started sleeping them in the crib. It is so cute how they always move closer together. Joel usually rolls onto his tummy to sleep now.


I love watching Joel & Alyssa watch Kaitlyn as she runs across the room. They smile at her a lot too. I can't wait until they start laughing at the things she does, and Kaitlyn figures out how to make them laugh!

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