Saturday, September 4, 2010

5 Weeks!

We made it through week 5 and Kaitlyn had her first trip to my parents house to play with Grandma and Grandpa. We also got to see her aunt, uncle, and niece! I couldn't believe that she hardly took any naps the whole day.

Kaitlyn also had her first trip to church. I tried to keep her awake for a few hours before we went to church so that she would sleep through church and not make any noise. It worked, she slept through the whole thing. Here she is all dressed up and ready for church:
As you can see she is laying on her changing table and staring at the wall. She absolutely loves doing that!

And here she is trying out a new toy for the first time. You can see she didn't like it too much. Maybe next time.

This week Kaitlyn set a record of sleeping 7 hours straight. We are looking forward to when that becomes normal.

Kaitlyn's case of thrush is getting much better. Mine is not getting better as quickly.

Yesterday evening Paul, Kaitlyn and I went for a long walk. It was a beautiful and warm evening and nice to be outside. Kaitlyn enjoyed a few minutes of the walk at the beginning and at the end, but slept through most of it. The rolling stroller is just such a nice motion for sleeping! By the end of the walk I was in a lot of pain! I guess I am not fully recovered from giving birth yet.

Kaitlyn is definately making progress holding her head up. It is so fun to watch her hold it up, especially when she is trying to look at me. And she is so much better and looking at things. I like to move my head from one side of her to the other and watch her follow me with her eyes. She is still having trouble with gas and spitting up, but she is still our little sweetheart.

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