Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Week, Another Post

Week 7 has flown by! This week my niece Lori turned 13 and we went to a birthday party for her. Kaitlyn and I went to a baby shower for two ladies from our Sunday school class. We visited one of my friends at her house. We went to two Mom and Baby groups. And we had to take Kaitlyn to the doctor to get her first shots!

Paul and I were pretty nervous about taking Kaitlyn to get her shots. But she did great. She screamed for about 10 seconds until I picked her up and was able to calm her down. And then she was fine. Our doctor told us that many babies are either more fussy or more sleepy after shots, and fortunately Kaitlyn was the sleepy baby. She slept a lot that evening and the next day. And she now weighs over 11.5 pounds!

Here's a picture of Kaitlyn and me at the baby shower with our friends Sarah and Jacqui and their babies Ben and Miriam:

And here's Kaitlyn. She's starting to like her toys!

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