Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kaitlyn is TWO.

Kaitlyn turned two on Monday. It's hard to believe we have a two year old in the house now. It's also hard to believe that we have three kids who all have birthdays within two weeks of each other.

We had a nice birthday party on Saturday. My parents did a great job of throwing the party, where everything was decorated with Kaitlyn's favorite....ELMO!

It was tough for me to try to have a good time, when all I could think about was Joel & Alyssa. After crying for a few minutes I felt a little better and was able to enjoy the rest of the day with my family.


Christa Forsythe said...

So hard to have babies in the hospital... cry all you need and want... the Momma's heart is a delicate thing ... it is what keeps us up at nights with our sick ones, it is the motivation that helps us bend over and pick up one more toy or pile of dirty clothes... I pray God's rest and peace over you as you REST, HEAL and prepare for life with 3 babies.... Praying for J and A!

Melissa said...

The birthdays keep getting more and more fun each year. Next year will be great with all the kiddos together.