Thursday, July 26, 2012

8 Days Old

Joel and Alyssa are 8 days old today. It sure has been a whirlwind of a week. Here are their pictures from today.



So far they are really doing great. They are weaning off their breathing support, and increasing the amount of milk they are getting into their tummies. They were born too early to know how to suck, breathe, and swallow all at the same time, so their milk runs through a tube straight into their stomachs.

I'm getting more comfortable holding such tiny sweeties and doing things for them like changing their diapers. Every day it is getting harder to leave the hospital and I get a little bit more excited about bringing them home and having them with me full-time.

Recovering from the c-section is going well, and I'm feeling better everyday. Still sore and tire easily, but looking forward to being able to do more things soon. The hardest thing is that I can't lift Kaitlyn, so I'm not able to fully care for her on my own. My mother in law has been staying with us this week and is doing great job taking care of her, and me.

I met with the babies' doctor today, and he said they will probably be in the hospital until they reach full-term, 37-40 weeks. That is kinda what I expected, but I was hoping that he would say the babies are doing very well and he expected something sooner. But instead he said the babies are doing very well, and it would still be that long.

That means the babies will be in the hospital for 6-9 more weeks. That is an awfully long time. Everyday this week it has gotten harder to leave the hospital and I get a little more excited thinking about bringing them home. So 6-9 weeks sounds like an eternity right now.

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Nicole Carrillo said...

Oh my goodness, Beth! I had no idea your twins were already here, what a surprise! Praying for your recovery and the little ones' time in the hospital. God bless you guys! Alyssa and Joel are so little and beautiful!