Saturday, August 25, 2012


Kaitlyn has gone to visit the babies a few times. One of her favorite parts is washing her hands :)

Last weekend we took Kaitlyn to a park with a petting zoo, and she enjoyed meeting some animals.

She loved the bunnies.

And the goats, horses and pigs.

She also liked the chickens :)

And she also got to play.

Kaitlyn has also been enjoying playing with the baby things we have been getting out of the closet and collecting. I was worried the bouncy seat would break, but it hasn't yet. She loves to lay in it and play with the toys!

This week we got rid of the infant carseat that she used, since we needed to get new ones for the babies. So I took one last picture of her in it to compare with the first ones.

One day old

Three months old

Six months old

And our big two year old

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