Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Things

Kaitlyn has been working hard on doing some new things. Between rolling and wiggling she is really moving around on the floor. She can easily get off her blanket and get to things that are not hers to play with. I am not ready for her to be so mobile yet. I really have to keep an eye on her when I put her on the floor. She is also starting to get her knees up under her. She hasn't made it up on her hands and knees at the same time yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.

She has also been working on growing these chunky thighs!

This last week I sat her up in her high chair for the first time. Here she says, "This is fun Mommy, but where's the food?"

I haven't started giving her any solid food yet, but she enjoys sitting in her chair to play with toys. It is so fun to watch her drop one on the floor and then stare down at it.

Kaitlyn loves to listen to me sing to her. Sometimes when she is fussy I start singing and she stops fussing and smiles at me. She now can hold her own bottle sometimes. And she is now really good at reaching out to grab something and put it into her mouth. It's amazing how she does new things every week!

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