Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Paul, Kaitlyn and I spent Christmas Eve at Paul's grandparents house.

Kaitlyn enjoyed seeing her Great Grandma

and taking a nap by the tree!

Christmas Day we first went to my parents house. Kaitlyn did a great job opening presents. I did help her open them, but I was surprised that as soon as we put a present in front of her she would start trying to open it. She got some fun stacking cups.

And a ball that rolls around on the floor and plays music.

We had to try that one out right away!

Along with presents, we enjoyed spending time with our family. Here is Kaitlyn with her cousin Lori.

Then we all went over to my aunt and grandma's house. Kaitlyn opened MORE presents, including some blocks

a book

and a doll.

We had a good day.

And we were very tired when we got home.

The next day Kaitlyn was ready to play with her toys! Here she is practicing driving. This toy has lots of things that make noises and play muusic, and I was surprised how well she did.

And we enjoyed playing with her new blocks. Again I was surprised at how well she did. She knew right away how to knock down all the towers I built, and was doing pretty well at sitting up too!

We had a great first Christmas with Kaitlyn. It's hard to imagine what next Christmas will be like!

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