Thursday, December 30, 2010

5 Months Old!

Kaitlyn is now 5 months old!

This week Kaitlyn did something I totally did not expect...she starting sitting up on her own!

Look at me sitting up so tall!

Hey, sitting up is a great position for playing with my blocks!

This last month went pretty fast. Kaitlyn and I attended a lot of Christmas parties and had a lot of fun. We had a wonderful Christmas with our family. I am also happy to report that my emotional problems that were really bad last month were so much better this month.

This month was the first month that I gave Kaitlyn a bedtime. We have been doing pretty well with it. But it is still hard to get her afternoon nap to be at a reasonably consistent time to make bedtime easier. When she gets really tired and it's not bedtime yet, I have learned to take her clothes off. She immideately gets happy again and we can make it a little longer until bath time and bed time.

Of course Kaitlyn has started doing lots of new things this month. She now loves to reach up and grab our faces. She has even pulled my glasses off my face a few times. She enjoys sitting in her high chair and playing with her toys. She is getting much more mobile with rolling and inching around. She loves to find cords and hold onto them so tight that it's hard for me to get them out of her hands. She is fascinated by watching us eat. She will watch the fork go up and down so intently. She is starting to get her knees up under her when on her tummy. She is now ticklish and will laugh pretty hard when Daddy tickles her. She is now drooling everywhere. And she is doing a great job playing with her new toys that she got for Christmas.

We're now starting month 6, and planning to try some solid foods in a few weeks!

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