Monday, February 17, 2014

The things we do....

Here are a few pictures of some new things we have been up to....

Joel and Alyssa have started coloring! They still try to get the crayons in their mouths some (mostly Alyssa) but they are kinda getting the hang of coloring.

Last week Kaitlyn got a new car seat and it is BIG. For now it is sitting in the living room, and Joel and Alyssa think it is a great place to read books.

Now that Joel and Alyssa are walking we have tried out a few new activities. We have been to two different open gyms with lots of toys, cars to ride on, and lots of room to RUN. Here is a picture of Joel, who found a great spot to look at himself.

And lots of running around leads to naps in car seats! One day last week Joel and Alyssa had been sleeping for about an hour in their car seats when I noticed they were BOTH in the same position with their right hand up behind their head and their left hand down on their leg. It was super cute.

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