Saturday, February 1, 2014

Half Birthdays

January was the month of half birthdays! Joel and Alyssa are now 1.5 years old and Kaitlyn is 3.5 years old. Their birthdays are going to be here again before we know it. It's hard to imagine my little girl turning 4, or my little babies turning 2. Life just keeps on moving.

Yesterday we had Joel and Alyssa's 18 month check-up. Joel was 25 pounds 6 ounces and 30.5 inches. Alyssa was 22 pounds 7 ounces and 28.5 inches. Our doctor is very happy with how they are growing and learning new things, and we are too.

The last few months have been pretty overwhelming with doctor appointments, therapy, and surgeries. In the surgery center at Children's hospital Joel had a bronchoscopy, hydrocele repair, and got tubes in his ears. Kaitlyn also got tubes in her ears. In the clinics at Children's hospital we have recently been to: Radiology for Joel and Alyssa's chest x-rays, the lab for Joel's blood work, Cardiology for Joel and Alyssa's heart conditions, Ear Nose and Throat for all three kids' ear issues, Audiology for all three kids' hearing issues, Pulmonology for Joel and Alyssa's breathing issues, and Urology for Joel's kidney and boy parts. I take Joel and Alyssa to another clinic once a month for five months during the cold and flu season for shots to protect them from RSV. Kaitlyn also has speech therapy three times a month. And yesterday we were back to our pediatrician's office.

Yes, that is a long overwhelming list! No wonder I am exhausted. We still have some appointments coming up, including Alyssa getting tubes in her ears, but I'm hoping that things will start to calm down soon.

Joel and Alyssa started walking in November, and love their new skill. Alyssa also loves to climb! They like to say, "uh-oh" and "ta da!". Alyssa also can say, "up". They are also starting to understand some things I say. A few days ago I asked the kids if they wanted to take a bath and Alyssa took off for the bathroom. And they like to help me do things. Last week I was folding laundry and I handed Joel two wash clothes and I told him to go put them away. And he did! I was so proud of him. Alyssa especially likes to get into everything. She has even learned how to turn on the dishwasher and pull the plug in the bathtub.

Kaitlyn can now spell her name and about five other words. She has always loved her letters. She also loves going out of the house and while we are driving she points out every bus that goes by. And just today Kaitlyn did something new. She made her very first #2 in the potty!

It is so fun to watch the kids playing together more and more all the time. The little games of peekaboo or running around in circles, or all sitting on Kaitlyn's bed each reading their own book are so fun to watch.

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