Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 4

4 weeks and 16 pounds down! This week I lost 2. I didn't make time to exercise this week, but am going to do it this next week.

This coming week is going to be exciting as the first weight loss game I joined will end. I joined a game on, where you put some money into a pot with a group of other people. Everyone in the game then has 30 days to lose 4% of their body weight. Everyone who loses their 4% at the end of the 30 days gets to split the money in the pot.

I lost my 4% in less than 2 weeks, so I actually started another game to keep me motivated to keep losing. So now I am waiting to see what percentage of people in my game will win, and how much money I will get back! Then I will have to decide whether to start another game or not. Stay tuned!

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