Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

This week was Kaitlyn's first Thanksgiving. After a week of snow and icy roads, we were happy that we were able to make it to Paul's family celebration. We were especially glad that Paul's parents were able to make it over the pass to spend the day with us. Kaitlyn did great being passed around and meeting lots of new family. Her favorite part was the special treat that her Grandma brought her - her first doll. Here's a picture of Kaitlyn in her pajamas after the long day, playing with her new toy. Thank you Grandma Shari!

This week I was thinking a lot about what was going on this time last year. It was two days before Thanksgiving last year when I found out I was pregnant. What a life changing day! Then we spent Thanksgiving day still in shock as we went to celebrate with both Paul's family and then my family, keeping our secret to ourselves.

I am so thankful for my beautiful happy girl. Each week she continues to grow and learn new things. This week she has started laughing, which of course is one of the best sounds in the world! Unfortunately, after the first good chuckle, she gets the hiccups, so the rest of her giggles are interrupted with hiccups. She also now loves to grab her feet! When I lay her down on her changing table or the floor to loves to stretch her arms and legs out really far for a big stretch, and then curl up and grab her feet.

And she's definately getting better at holding onto her toys and getting them into her mouth. Here's the poor little sweetie teething:

It's hard to believe we're now officially into the Christmas season! I'm listening to Christmas music as I write, and I love it. Four weeks from today is Christmas Day!

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