Saturday, November 13, 2010

She Did It!

Kaitlyn has now rolled from her tummy to her back quite a few times. And the last week or so she has been working so hard to roll from her back to her tummy. She would get so close and then start crying because she couldn't quite do it. This morning she was at it again, trying so hard, and she finally did it! Then she stayed on her tummy for a few minutes, and then rolled onto her back again. I'm so proud of her!

Another thing she was been doing a lot this week is "singing". She especially likes to sing with her fist in her mouth. Here's a sample of her sitting on the couch, chewing on her fist, and singing away. Sorry the picture is sideways, so you have to turn your head :)

This last week Kaitlyn and I also shared a cold for the second time. It's so nice to share everything together! But despite the cold, she stayed pretty happy this time. Here's a few pictures of her week 15!

She just smiles so much now, and I LOVE it. Even when I am exhausted or in the middle of cleaning her spit up off of myself, her big smile just warms my heart.

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Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

The love of a mother's heart is a truly amazing thing! I just love it when they start to smile... you get to see more of who they are becoming! I love it!