Friday, August 27, 2010

4 Weeks!

Yikes! Kaitlyn is 4 weeks old today, and we have had a busy week!

First, Kaitlyn somehow managed to roll over this morning! I put her on her tummy and turned my back on her for a minute. She was very quiet, so I turned around to see what she was doing and she was on her back, waving her arms around, and looking very confused. I was sad that I didn't see her first roll, but here's how she looked just after it:

This week was Kaitlyn's first trip to the park and first ride in her stroller. She slept through the first half of our walk through the park, but then woke up to look at some trees.

Kaitlyn also met three of her great-grandparents this week!

Kaitlyn and I also attended a Mom and Baby Group at Evergreen Hospital this week where we met some other Mom's and little babies. It was so nice to listen to and share with Mom's who are going through similar struggles with newborns.

This week also brought two clogged milk ducts and now possibly thrush. Ouch. Fortunately the clogged ducts went away pretty quickly, but I think Kaitlyn and I may need to go to the doctor to treat this thrush. Hopefully we will feel better soon.

Yeah, this was a busy week. It is nice to feel a little more comfortable taking Kaitlyn places, but it is still exhausting!

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Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

Yeah... for getting bigger... bummer about the blocked milk ducts and thrush! Not fun! I will hope it clears up soon... if you feel the clogged ducts go into the shower and make the water hot as possible and massage the clog out... it is painful, but make sure you keep those clear because you don't want an infection those are BRUTAL... so if you wake up feeling like a truck hit you and you have a fever it is mastitis and make sure you get medicine asap... it is horrible stuff! Also don't be too sad you missed the first roll over... Ethan rolled over at 3 days old and I seriously thought he was a genius, but then he didn't do it again until about 5 months. So she may or may not roll over again for awhile... then again maybe she will and you have a little gymnastic expert in your home! She is super cute!