Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's December

Today is December first. We are planning to tell our families our news at Christmas, if we can wait that long. I will be 9 weeks along by then.

My cold is finally starting to get better, though I'm still tired.

Yesterday I went to a Pregnancy Clinic and they gave me another pregnancy test. They gave me a lot of helpful information and resources. After that I stopped at Value Village and bought a pair of maternity jeans for $3! I don't need them yet, but it was fun to get something. I also got some prenatal vitamins today.

Every Tuesday morning I work in the nursery at church for 3 hours during MOPS, which is a program for mom's with small kids. This morning it was so strange to hold little babies and try to imagine what holding my own baby will be like.

Tonight Paul and I went to Walmart to walk around for something to do. While we were there he suggested going over to look at all the baby gear to start thinking about what we will need. After that we decided to go out for dinner since we haven't for quite awhile and I may start feeling too sick to be able to enjoy food any day now. We had a nice evening together.

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