Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just Kidding?

This last week has been fun sharing our news with our families and some of our friends. But it still feels like we're just pretending. It sure doesn't seem real yet. Maybe a few months after the baby is born it will finally sink in?

A few times now Paul has put his hands on my stomach and tried to feel something. He also has put his ear to my stomach to try to hear something. Nothing to see or feel yet. I am looking forward to when he CAN see and feel something.

And the last piece of important news....Cheerios are my new best friend.


Melissa said...

Keep snacking! Keeping a little something in my tummy even when nothing sounded good sure helped. And it will start to sink in when you feel the effects of carrying the extra weight and can feel baby moving later on, though it's still hard to believe I'm a mommy sometimes.

David and Jessica said...

I totally felt like I was pretending in the beginning, too! Don't worry - it will feel more real as it goes on (especially when you're feeling all the kickboxing going on inside).