Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sick Little Kiddos

The last few weeks we have had SICK KIDS. No fun! We have had to cancel several play dates and other fun things and are tired of being stuck at home.

It started with runny noses for all of them two weeks ago. Last week Alyssa got really sick with a fever and Kaitlyn was not acting very good. We went to the doctor and Kaitlyn and Alyssa both had ear infections. This week Alyssa still has had a fever, acting really miserable, and up a lot at night. And Joel also came down with a fever. So we went to the doctor again yesterday and Alyssa's ears look worse than they did last week, and both Joel's are infected too. We got a new prescription for Alyssa and one for Joel, so now all 3 kids are on antibiotics.

Hopefully we will be free of fevers and happy again soon so we can enjoy the birthday's coming up!

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