Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Proud of My Kids!

My kids have been so fun today!

Today Kaitlyn decided to give her stuffed animal Piglet a bath in our baby bath tub. She had Piglet laying in the tub and was "washing" him. I saw what she was doing, so I pulled down a washcloth and towel for Piglet and she went to work cleaning him and drying him. Thank goodness she didn't ask for water in the tub!

Yesterday and today Alyssa has had a one-track mind....pulling herself up to standing. Her super new trick is the only thing she wants to do. Unfortunately she has learned how to get up, but not how to get down. So she has fallen so many times today, usually on her head. One time she really crashed and now has a big bruise on her face, poor thing. She is so cute standing up! I just hope she learns how to get down soon! 

Today Joel has officially started crawling! Alyssa has been crawling for several weeks, though still with her tummy on the floor, and she can move fast. But Joel has been happy to stay in one place and just wave his arms and legs all around. Today I finally got him to crawl forwards a few times to reach a toy. It was so fun to see him accomplish something new, though I'm a little worried about both babies being on the move and getting into things now.

Joel and Alyssa are both doing better and better at feeding themselves with their hands, something I have been looking forward to for a long time! For dinner tonight I gave them small pieces of egg and carrot and they did a great job of eating on their own! Then I fed them a jar of banana and peach puree. Now if only I could get Kaitlyn to eat so well.....

Lots of good things to note today!


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