Friday, May 24, 2013


Alyssa loves to drive!  She likes to fall asleep at the wheel.
 Eating together!

Alyssa and her favorite cousin Lori

3 Happy Kids 

Kaitlyn's first swim of the season 

Joel & Alyssa trying pieces of banana

Playing together

Trying apple slices
Alyssa stealing a piece of apple off Joel's tray that he droped!

That doesn't look comfortable Alyssa

Kaitlyn loves to read!

One of Alyssa's favorite new places
Another spot she climbed in - this girl really can move now!

Love Joel's smile! 

Alyssa got up on her feet!

2nd time up on her feet - with head in the dollhouse!

Kaitlyn likes to copy the babies and lay on her back to drink milk too.

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