Monday, December 12, 2011

We Moved!

We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving moving. We didn't move very far, we stayed in the same apartment complex. But we finally moved into a larger apartment, which we had planned to do more than a year ago after Kaitlyn was born.

While moving has never been fun in the past, moving with a toddler around proved to be even more painful. Kaitlyn was not so helpful during the packing stage. She would start taking things OUT of boxes while we were trying to put things IN. But somehow we made it. She did enjoy the huge pile of empty boxes that we made while we were packing though. Here she is in a box from McDonald's:

She did help her Daddy pack one box...

And here she is in our new living room on the day of the move with random furniture everywhere:

Another tough part about moving and cleaning our old apartment was that someone always had to be taking care of Kaitlyn. My parents were so wonderful to help us two days in a row with moving and playing with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was not so happy that Mommy and Daddy kept leaving her, but she was happy to get to know Grandma and Grandpa better.

We are slowly getting settled in. We don't have anything up on the walls yet, but we are sure enjoying having more space. Our living room has so much more room to play and for Kaitlyn to run around. Here is a picture of Kaitlyn in her corner of the living room. I love how the windows around her corner are really low so that she can look out them when the blinds are open.

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