Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Nativity

This week I got out our toy nativity set that we recently got passed down to us from my sister and her family. I thought it would be fun to tell Kaitlyn the story of Christmas, though I know she can't understand it yet. I figured we would play with it for about 10 minutes and then be done with it, since Kaitlyn is still so young. Boy was I wrong.

Kaitlyn LOVES the nativity set. We now play with it for hours each day. She loves to set up all the pieces on our end table, and then throw them all back in the bucket. She can repeat this game quite a few times!

Kaitlyn's favorite piece is, of course, the baby. She does not understand who this baby is right now. But I pray that one day she will know the story of this baby as the way her Saviour came into the world.

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