Monday, May 30, 2011

10 Months!

As always, Kaitlyn is as busy as ever. She can get into everything, including taking things out of the garbage can and pulling things off of the end tables. When the dishwasher is open she tries to grab the dishes inside. She is easily walking along the furniture, and walking from one thing to another. She is even letting go for a few seconds and standing on her own. She can crawl from one room to another so fast, that we can't take our eyes off of her for a second.

There are some things that I do enjoy about her growing mobility. Sometimes I go into another room to do something, and I can hear her breathing getting closer and closer until she peeks into the room to find me.

Our love of peekaboo has also expanded. Now Kaitlyn can crawl around a corner and when I say, "Where's Kaitlyn?" She will crawl back and peek around the corner and smile really big, and I say, "Peekaboo!" This game is particularly helpful when she is crawling somewhere that I can't see her. Often saying "Where's Kaitlyn?" will bring her back to where I can see her. But sometimes she thinks it's funny to crawl faster in the opposite direction, haha.

I also love it when she crawls a long way away from me and sits up. Then turns to look at me, smiles really big, then crawls straight back to me for a hug.

Another thing that warms my heart is when I get out of the car and am about to open the door to the backseat to get Kaitlyn out. Everytime she sees me through the window she smiles SO BIG. Like she hasn't seen me in ages, and so happy I'm there.

And here are some things that Kaitlyn loves! She loves going for walks in her stroller. She loves to look all around and see everything. What she doesn't like is when the stroller stops, and she lets us know by fussing, that we need to get going again.

Kaitlyn loves playing in the nursery at church, watching the other kids and exploring all the new toys. She also loves going to a play group with some of our friends every week. She loves to see new things!

Kaitlyn likes to talk! Well, we can't understand her yet, but she seems to know what she's talking about. Sometimes she looks so serious when she talks, I just can't help but wonder what she thinks she is saying!

Kaitlyn also loves to read books! We went to the library last week and checked out her first library books!

Kaitlyn loves her Daddy. She lights up when he walks into the room, and loves his tickles. Daddy can always get lots of giggles out of her.

Kaitlyn loves to look at babies and other kids. She even loves to look at pictures and videos of herself on my computer. She has this cute little squeal of excitement when she sees them. She can be playing on the floor with her toys while I am reading a friends' blog on my computer, and when I come across a picture of a baby I hear the squeal from across the room - she saw it!

Speaking of my computer, Kaitlyn loves to come over and type on my keyboard when I am trying to write an email or something. Sometimes she gets the settings on my computer changed, and it takes me awhile to figure out how to change them back. Sometimes she deletes things I have written too.

Kaitlyn loves to eat! She especially loves to feed herself. Last night she must have been really hungry because for dinner she ate peas, oatmeal, peaches, bread, cheese, puffs, and chicken! I was kinda just wondering how long she would keep eating if I kept offering her different things and she just kept eating. I think she was in the high chair for about an hour. Last week she did decide she hated vegetables, and no matter how I tried to mix them with oatmeal or applesauce, she knew they were there and would not eat them for anything. This week the veggies are going better and she is eating them, except for those carrots.

This month Kaitlyn got her 3rd tooth. This is her first tooth on the top! Some more should be coming soon.

This month we haven't taken as many pictures, but we seem to have a lot of pictures of Kaitlyn sleeping! So here is the sleeping collection.

Wherever I put her down in the pack n play, she always seems to wiggle around until her head is squished into the top or corner.

She loves to sit in her high chair. I guess it is a comfy spot.

We often talk about how cute she is when she is asleep.

Sometimes she finds some interesting positions to sleep in.

And sometimes in her pack n play she is NOT sleeping.

I don't know how we got so many sleeping pictures this month, but we did.

I can't believe there's only 2 months to go until her birthday!

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