Saturday, April 30, 2011

9 Months!

Kaitlyn is 9 months old today and I have a lot to write about! She is now so busy doing things all the time. Here are some of her favorites:

Morning aerobics: Jumping

Afternoon typing lessons

Play some music

Chase after a ball in the kitchen

Crawl around with something in the mouth

Watch a little TV (Regis & Kelly)

Get upset

Find a box when Mommy & Daddy aren't looking and turn it over on yourself

Get worn out

Get some more exercise

And eat

Yes Kaitlyn is very busy. She has now perfected crawling and standing up, and is now taking some steps while holding onto the furniture. She can now feed herself, which she loves! She has enjoyed some new foods like macaroni and cheese and scrambled egg yolks. And she now weighs over 22 pounds!


Chrissy said...

How fun, Beth! She's such a cute baby girl :) It's too bad we don't live closer; I think Kaitlyn and Nathan would have a lot of fun together. Nathan's going to be 6 months old next week. Wow, time goes by quickly!

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I just love it when they start moving... such fun! Your little one is sure a cutie!