Thursday, March 3, 2011

7 Months

She really wants to get ahold of that camera!

I got Kaitlyn this new toy a few weeks ago. Since several of our friends have it, I knew it was a fun one. We put all the shapes in the bucket and set it next to Kaitlyn and she loves to take each one out, taste it, drop it, and then take out another one. Sometimes she will dump them out too. Once they are all out on the floor she's done....until we come over and put them back in the bucket for her to take out again. Someday she will get the idea of putting them back in!

Kaitlyn hit another big milestone last week. Her first little tooth made its appearance. Now we're just wondering when we will see another one. She's finally doing better at eating, and starting to get the idea of what we're doing. Now she gets really excited when she sees me putting food in her little bowl.

Kaitlyn loves to sit up. She is often seen twirling her hands and feet around in circles. We play peekaboo a lot. And she likes to laugh when we make funny noises or sing silly songs.

A few days ago Kaitlyn was in her little bathtub and figured out that slapping the top of the water with her hand created a big splash! She thought it was so funny. She made a big mess and we both laughed a lot. I thought it was pretty cute, though I don't think it will be so cute over the next few years.

Another big change for us this month is that after 7 months of pumping milk for Kaitlyn, I stopped last week. After seeing a huge drop in my supply over the last few weeks, and some other issues, we decided it was time to stop. I sure didn't know what an emotional process it was going to be for me. After 16 months of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it was hard to let go of this amazing thing my body has been doing. It also brought up again how disappointed I am that I wasn't able to nurse her the normal way. And while I'm sad that I didn't make it longer, I'm trying to just be proud of myself for making it this long when we had so many problems to deal with. I'm still getting used to the idea that my body is mine again. I can take whatever cold medicine I want, and I could have a special "drink" for my birthday this week.

I sure love these two:

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Chrissy said...


That's a big step to be moving away from pumping. I feel you there! I am still breastfeeding Nathan, but it's been a bumpy ride. Hats off to you for pumping for Kaitlyn! I'm curious- if you don't mind sharing- why you weren't able to nurse? I had issues with that too. I still use a breast shield to feed Nathan.

I enjoy reading your updates about Kaitlyn! It's fun to see what's in store for Nathan in the coming months :)