Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am loved. And sometimes it is hard to accept.

The last few days I have been especially aware of how much Paul loves me. When I am cranky, tired, in pain, lazy, sick...the list goes on, and I pretty much always am at least one or more of those lately...he does his best to take care of me. He offers to go to the store at 11pm to get me something, or make me something to eat. He gives me lots of hugs and tells me I'm cute. He just offers to do whatever he can for me when I don't feel good.

A few nights ago I was really miserable and Paul was being so sweet, I finally started to cry. Feeling like a lazy blob on the couch, I didn't feel like I deserved to be loved so well. And later I began to think about my relationship with God and how I sometimes feel the same way, that it's hard to accept such a perfect love that I don't derserve.

So, to my God and to my Husband I say, "Thank you for loving me so well. I love you, too."


Logica said...

That's so cool. And yes, Jo was very similar in her experience with all the sick, lazy, crying woman from hell syndrome. I have a special crown of triumph and suffering waiting for me in heaven : )
but truth be told, that was but for a season and she puts up with my crap all the time (DOH!) Mike B.

Logica said...

Yeah, so I know how it is and it won't last forever. Then you'll have a little sweetie.


Anonymous said...

You are loved! And don't forget it!! God is so cool how he set up a family like he did- and you get to feel the love even more with your new little girl:)
Love ya,
P.S. So cool you are feeling her now too!