Monday, January 11, 2010

Heard Baby's Heartbeat Today!

And it was a beautiful sound!

In the last few days I have made my first two trips to my Doctor's office. I am so happy that a friend from church was able to recommend this Doctor to me, as she is a really nice Christian woman.

Thursday I went in to fill out all my paperwork, meet with the nurse, and give a lot of blood. Then this morning I went in to meet the Doctor and get checked over. I found out that my levels of Vitamin D are a little low, just like most people who live in the Seattle area, as we live without seeing much sun. But other than that, nothing to worry about yet.

The best part of course was hearing Baby's heartbeat for the first time. After warning me that she might not be able to find the heartbeat right away, she found it immediately. It was a strong 174 beats a minute. Then to show me the difference between that and my own heartbeat, she moved over a little to listen to some of my blood vessels. My heartbeat was about 90 beats a minute, almost half of little Baby's. Then she moved back to let me hear Baby's precious heart again.

Of course, after hearing such an amazing thing, I cried off and on for about an hour! It does help me realize just a little more that there really is a tiny person in there, and I am really a mommy.


David and Jessica said...

Awww, yay! What an amazing sound! It never grows old - I love hearing the heartbeat at every appointment. Glad to hear everything's going well so far.

Beth said...

Jessica, are you stalking me? You posted a comment less than 20 minutes after I posted it, Haha!

David and Jessica said...

Haha, no, that was when I just happened to check through all the blogs I follow. :-)

Danielle Czech Rep. said...

I am so happy for you :-) :-*