Saturday, December 21, 2013

Catching Up (again)

One day I walked into the bedroom 
and found them all reading in Kaitlyn's bed! 
I thought it was super adorable!

Happy Alyssa

Kaitlyn strikes a pose

I posted her name on the wall and she learned how to spell it!

 Reading to her sister

Alyssa loves to climb into the box where we keep our books.
It's a good place to read.

Potty training

Sweet Alyssa

 Joel and Alyssa riding bikes!

Kaitlyn and Joel driving cars!

Joel and Alyssa love to steal cups and crackers from each other

 Silly Kaitlyn

My little angel,
at a preschool Christmas party Kaitlyn and I attended at our church.

A group of friends from our Sunday School class at church, 
at our annual Christmas party

Joel and Alyssa and their little friends during our Christmas party

First snow of the year! I sent Kaitlyn out on the balcony to check it out.

I made her a little snowman that she loved

Took a family trip to the mall this morning. 
Kaitlyn and Daddy played with legos at the new lggo store!

Alyssa and Joel watched from the stroller

And finally a few videos. 
Here are clips of Joel and Alyssa soon after they started walking.

And thank you to Amazon for the free shipping material. 
It kept the kids entertained for quite awhile.

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