Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catching Up

I'm a little behind on posting pictures!

Kaitlyn found a piece of chocolate while I was in the shower one day and made a huge mess. OOPS!

Daddy brought home a singing Elmo he found at Value Village. The funny part is when Kaitlyn is jumping up and down she is not looking at Elmo, but at the reflection of herself in the computer screen :)

Grandma got a new pool for Kaitlyn! Here are some pics from Kaitlyn's first swim of the season.

Kaitlyn got a new toy to play with, that balls pop out of. I like how it makes her hair blow!

Kaitlyn loves to read books! Here she is reading to herself.

And here is my 5 month picture, though it's already a couple of weeks old.

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Logica said...

love the videos :) great pics too, what a cutie!