Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Big Girl

Kaitlyn is becomming less of a baby everyday. She is gaining more skills and getting more of an idea of what she wants. Here some things I don't want to forget about this last month:

~ Kaitlyn think watching me brush my teeth is SO FUNNY. One time I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth and she was pushing on my legs and getting upset. I couldn't understand what she wanted. I stepped back to look at her and she started laughing at me. Then I realized, she was trying to push me back so she could see me brushing my teeth! Now she does this everyday, and I think it is so cute.

~ Singing songs with motions is now very fun with her. She loves songs that involve me moving her around or doing hand motions. She cracks up during The Wheels on the Bus when the Moms say "SHH" and when the Babies say "WAAAH". Since those two things on the bus get the biggest laughs I repeat those verses a lot.

~ Kaitlyn has now started playing with two puzzles that we have. She loves taking the pieces out and playing with them and handing them to me to put back in their holes. I'm sure it won't be long before she is putting them back in herself.

~ Another fun toy lately has been a toy radio that hangs on the fridge. Kaitlyn recently learned how to push the button for it to play songs. She loves to push the button and run around while the music plays. As soon as the song is over she runs back to push the button again!

~ Kaitlyn is a great walker but still manages to fall down often. Recently we were outside walking on the sidewalk and she fell down and hit her face. Poor thing was not happy, but thankfully kids heal fast.

~ Kaitlyn now thinks that if someone is getting something out of the kitchen that she should get some too. If I get a drink of water out of the fridge, she complains that she wants some milk. If Daddy gets a glass of milk, oh my, she must have some too. If someone gets a snack, where is hers? Oh and a new method of telling me she wants some milk is to find an empty bottle on the floor and come and dump it in my lap.

~ Kaitlyn likes to bring books or toys over to me and put them in my hand or lap to play with. If something is already in my hand she will take it out and throw it on the floor so that she can put the new thing in my hand.

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