Friday, July 1, 2011

11 Months!

This month we celebrated our first Father's Day. Kaitlyn loves her Daddy!

I love this picture of Kaitlyn because it shows her 3 teeth! Then about 3 days after Father's Day Kaitlyn got 2 more top teeth, so she now has 5 teeth. We have had a few rough weeks of teething, crying, and trouble sleeping this month. And I don't think we're done yet, as a few more look like they may be coming soon.

Kaitlyn loves to play! And she has learned some new things this month. She has a set of cups that nest inside of each other. She loves to chew on them and bang them on things. But last week she was holding two of them and starting putting one inside the other! We quickly found a few more of the cups from around the room and she went to work on stacking them. She often tried them the wrong way, but kept working hard to put them together and take them apart. Paul started playing too, and would hold one of the big cups and let her put the smaller ones inside. We were so proud of her for figuring out how they work!

Also this week Kaitlyn has started a game of handing a toy to me and then taking it back. She thinks it is hilarious and giggles while we do it. It is a fun game.

Another new thing this month was climbing stairs! Since we don't have any stairs in our apartment, Kaitlyn hasn't been around them. When we were at a friend's house we let her give their stairs a try. I thought she might climb one or two, but she took off and climbed the whole way up! A few days later we were at another friend's house and she climbed another whole flight of stairs. I guess she knows how now!

We let Kaitlyn try sitting in the grass again this month, and it went a little better than last time. She wouldn't put her arms down though, ha ha.

This month Kaitlyn has started standing on her own. She will let go of the furniture for a few minutes and then will usually sit down carefully. She also loves to make funny faces and noises.

Here is a video of Kaitlyn laughing. I was getting out a new garbage bag to put in the trash can and gave it a shake to open it up...and Kaitlyn starting laughing! So of course I shook it again and again. I don't know why it was so funny, but it sure was. Unfortunately I couldn't hold the camera still while I shook the bag, but the laugh is the important part!

Today I finally did something I've been meaning to do for months. Before Kaitlyn was born I sewed a cross stitch picture for her wall with her name on it. Today I finally took it out of the frame and sewed on her birth date and weight. It only took me 11 months to spend the 15 minutes it took to finish it! It's nice to finally have that checked off my to do list.

I can't believe Kaitlyn's birthday is only a month away!

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Stephanie said...

Hooray for you to finish the cross stitch. :) I bet it looks lovely, you should have taken a picture of that and posted it online. :)