Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I Like and Don't Like

It's June! Less than two months until our baby is due. If only we knew when she was actually going to come...

Here are some things that I like and don't like about pregnancy right now:

I LIKE feeling Kaitlyn move around inside of me. I love feeling big bumps sticking out on different sides of my tummy and knowing it is her.

I DON'T LIKE going to the bathroom all the time. I thought I had to go a lot a few weeks ago, but now it is getting ridiculous.

I LIKE my husband. He is very patient with me, and very good at taking care of me and making me feel loved. I feel so lucky to have him with me!

I DON'T LIKE gestational diabetes. My doctors are still unsure if I really have it or not, but I have been testing my blood sugar several times a day and am on a special diet. It's not very fun.

I LIKE naps!

I DON'T LIKE moving. It pretty much hurts to do anything these days...walk, roll over in bed, get up off the couch, etc.

I LIKE my church. I have so many friends there that are pregnant or have babies and I greatly value their friendship and support.

I DON'T LIKE washing dishes. I'm not sure how this relates to pregnancy, but I still don't like it.

I LIKE my growing collection of little baby things. They are so fun to look at and play with.

Well, those are my likes and dislikes for today. Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

David and Jessica said...

Yay for a good hubby and good friends!

And who DOES like washing dishes?? I don't know how it relates to pregnancy either, but who cares! :-p