Monday, August 24, 2009

Secret Blog...For Now

This is my secret blog. You cannot read it...yet.

A few weeks ago Paul and I went for a walk late at night, and he said he had something important that he wanted to talk about. I got a little nervous, as I could tell it was something big, but I had no idea what he was thinking about. It turned out he wanted to talk about when we are going to start trying to have a baby!

It really surprized me when Paul said that he had been thinking about this for several days and wanted to talk about it with me. We came to the decision that we are going to start trying on my 30th Birthday, Feb 29th. Only 6 months away!

It's hard to balance everything in my head. On one hand I've been waiting for this for SO long, and on the other hand 6 months sounds like such a very short time. On one hand we are no where near financially stable, and on the other hand we may not be financially stable for a LONG time. On one hand I'm turning 30, and on the other I really old enough to have a baby? Aren't I still a kid too?

Anyway, I haven't told anyone yet of this plan of ours that is only 6 months away. But it's hard to keep it a secret, so I'm writing it here so that you can ready about it later.

For now, this blog will be my little secret. I'll write thoughts about getting ready for pregnancy, and the excitement of finding out I'm pregnant. Then, sometime after we've made the big announcement to our parents and friends, I will open up this blog for others to read. And after the baby is born, I can't wait to begin posting baby pictures for friends and the grandparents to look at! So...if someone other than me is reading this right now....then yipee! It means I'm pregnant! I am happy I can share these secrets with you now that the cat is out of the bag, the bun is in the oven, or whatever expression is appropriate.

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